Philadelphia Area New Media Association

PANMA’s 2017 Show & Tell – Just In Case You Missed It!

The Philadelphia Burlesque Scene

“Burlesque is a hyperbolic form of you, that you present.”

Adam Teterus is a lead tummler for Indy Hall, co-host of the Comic Book Junto podcast, and prolific emcee for the Philly burlesque scene under the pseudonym Flirt Vonnegut. You can find out more about Adam here: View Adam’s slides

Leaving Evernote: Migrating to Version Controlled Repos

“I used Evernote like a junk drawer. I would search for stuff and find it and I loved it, but then they changed their privacy policy so now I use the Working Copy app with my own version controlled repos.”

Liam Dempsey is a marketing consultant and designer. He runs a small consultancy called LBDesign. He loves technology and systems that work. Normally, he prefers to adapt existing systems, but this time he worked out his own. You can learn more about Liam here: View Liam’s slides

Computational Thinking and New Media Design

“Don’t just play on your phone, program it.”

Omar Ali is a graduate of Temple University and Warsaw University of Technology. He enjoys studying emerging technology such as new approaches in artificial intelligence in video game development. Omar is also a philanthropist. He is currently the Chairman of the Zanzibar Diaspora Association. Omar’s Twitter: @aliomarh View Omar’s slides

Can a Dashboard Tell a Story?

“According to Alberto Cairo, data storytelling has three levels: annotating visualizations, sequencing visualizations, and data journalism. (”

Gregory Kaminski is Director, Digital Analytics for MaassMedia, a boutique digital analytics firm based in Philadelphia, and has been with the company since early 2013. He has a knack for bringing creativity to the world of data with a passion for data visualization. More about Gregory: View Gregory’s slides

5 Myths About Animal Rescue

“You don’t have to give a long-term commitment. There is a need for short-term fostering for as short as 2-3 weeks.”

Cathy Goodwin is a recovering academic and online copywriter and marketing strategist, specializing in solo-preneurs and independent professionals who want to grow their businesses online. More about Cathy: View Cathy’s slides

Wikidelphia: Your Index to Philadelphia

“In 1969, I had a community network project called ‘Everything for Everybody’. It used 3×5 cards and connected lots of people, some people even got married.”

Stan Pokras was the Executive Director of Nonprofit Technology Resources (NTR) since 1980, when he founded Other Networks, a newsletter devoted to the study of networks of people. In 2011, Stan created Wikidelphia and began testing the Wikidelphia Category System. PANMA in Wikidelphia: View Stan’s slides

Transparency & RCOs: A Code for Philly Project

“Philly has more zoning variances than other cities. You have a say in how your neighborhood develops through your Registered Community Organizations (RCOs). ( helps you find your RCOs.”

Laura Oxenfeld is a UX and Business Analyst at Delphic Digital. Before that, she spearheaded technical writing, UX research design at a bootstrapped health IT startup. Laura is a teaching assistant for Girl Develop It, and a former board member of PhillyCHI. More about Laura: View Laura’s slides

My New XML Friend

“DefineXML is a machine-readable format used for clinical trials to help FDA understand the data. I was able to learn enough to connect what we see with what is going on behind the scenes.”

Len Zangwill is an Associate Manager at Accenture Life Sciences. He is the Secretary of the Philadelphia Chapter of INFORMS and President of his office Toastmasters Club. More about View Len’s slides

The Value of the Daily Stand Up Meeting

“For standup meetings, it is necessary to set the rules at the very beginning. Respectful listening. Timebox – if they are chatting, cut them off, be an enforcer.”

Suman is a resourceful results-oriented and self-motivated Sr. Project Manager/Scrum Master/Agile Coach (SAFe) with over 12+ years of experience in leading and delivering large scale multiple highly visible and customer focused IT projects on time with Agile, Scrum, MS Project Server. View Suman’s slides

sUAS (Drone) Industry

“Drones can be dangerous but the real danger is someone who does not know what they are doing.”

Edward Pachell is a drone operator. The sUAS (drone) industry is exploding. Every day, new applications are popping up that are revolutionizing diverse sets of industry; however, rules and regulations are confusing and changing fast. He will bring a few sweet drones with him to show! Edward’s website:
View Edward’s slides

Using Slickplan to Help Plan a Website Redesign

“Slickplan, a tool for creating visual site maps, has saved me a lot of time, especially when there is lots of existing content.”

Lauren Pittenger is a designer/developer who works primarily with WordPress. She loves processes, systems and tools and finding ways to improve efficiency and providing greater value to her colleagues and clients. Laura’s website: View Lauren’s slides

What is missing? Empathy

“What are they doing that we can’t, without hearing? What can we really do that is something that wasn’t done before”

Daniel Connors works with the product knowledge team to create ingenious solutions through data visualization, storytelling, and communication at Comcast. One of his biggest passions is raising awareness on issues that people with disabilities face in today’s society. Daniel’s LinkedIn: View Daniel’s slides

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