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Intro to Video

Introduction to Video

From Concept to Delivery

Are you looking to add video to your next web project? Not sure if animation or video would be best? Wondering how to get started? Join us for this fun and interactive 90min presentation which will give you the foundation you need to understand when video works, how to prep it for use on desktop and mobile devices and learning about best practices and techniques…

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Hiring For Culture

Hiring For Culture –
But What Culture Are We Hiring For?

There is a lot of talk in tech and digital about “hiring for culture”. But what is the culture we are hiring for? Does this culture promote inclusion or does it prevent inclusion? Are we hiring for the culture that fits our personality or a culture that is actually good for our business and includes many different types of people?

Every company, founder or manager wants to think that the culture they are hiring for promotes…


Get To Know Us

PANMA hosts networking and educational events, where we encourage the connections among our members, offer business opportunities and enjoy good times with friends. We are web designers, graphic artists, database developers, programmers, information architects, marketers and other professionals supporting the regional digital development community.