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Hiring for culture – But What Culture Are We Hiring For?

There is a lot of talk in tech and digital about “hiring for culture”. But what is the culture we are hiring for? Does this culture promote inclusion or does it prevent inclusion? Are we hiring for the culture that fits our personality or a culture that is actually good for our business and includes many different types of people? Every company, founder or manager wants to think that the culture they are hiring for promotes diversity and inclusion, but does it really? Join us as we explore the issue of the current tech/digital culture and how it can impact diversity and inclusion from many different perspectives.

You’ll hear from:

Victor Yocco – Addressing the promotion of alcohol as culture
Victor is a UX Research Director at a local design and development firm. He has been sober for over two years. He frequently writes and speaks on addressing tech’s culture promoting alcohol use. Victor will discuss ways to make our culture more inclusive for those choosing to abstain from alcohol for any reason.

Gloria Bell
Gloria Bell is the co-founder of the Women in Tech Summit and an advisory board member of TechGirlz and wears a few other hats, as well. She is a fierce advocate for women in the workplace, especially women in tech. Gloria wants to prompt a discussion on how the current trends in tech and digital culture can both promote and discourage women from joining the industry.

Michael Carvin
Michael is a user experience research, strategy and design professional with 20 years of agency- and client-side service. He became an advocate for the aging workforce after having seen how culture and policy on “both sides of the fence” affects that workforce. Michael will discuss the trends he sees as reinforcing disconnects between generations in tech.

Tim Allen
Tim is the IT Director of Advanced Initiatives for Wharton Research Data Services. Tim began programming at the age of 6, on Apple II+ and Commodore Pets, before venturing on to many OS’s, DBs, and languages which led to his current favorite language / web framework pair, Python and Django. Tim is passionate about the Philadelphia technology community and culture, having served as Vice President of PANMA, an organizer of PhillyPUG, a chair of BarCamp Philly, and is now an organizer helping bring DjangoCon US to Philadelphia this summer. Tim loves ice hockey, cycling, hacking, playing guitar, and lives clean and sober in South Philly with his wife and cats.

Jumoke Dada
Jumoke Dada is an innovative technologist and strategist with a passion for educating women and building communities. As a consultant, she provides tech project management and development services. As a Signature RED strategist, she provides “Legally AMBITIOUS” tools and resources to tech-savvy women interested in pivoting or reinventing their career. During the summer, she gives back to the community by providing mentorship and care packages to college-bound girls through Project ALOE.

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Date: Thursday, July 28, 2016
Location: Univ. of PA Wharton School, Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut Street, Phila PA 19104
Room: 255
Time: Doors open at 5:30. Program from 6pm – 7:30. Networking until 8pm.

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