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PANMA-PhillyCHI-PhillyPUG 2016 Holiday Party

PANMA-PhillyCHI-PhillyPUG 2016 Holiday Party

We’re delighted to announce that PhillyPUG, the Philadelphia Python Users Group, is joining PANMA and PhillyCHI to co-sponsor the celebration of another year in Philly’s creative-tech community. This year, we’ve got a fantastic private space at the Ruba Club in Northern Liberties! Grab some food, say hello to friends old and new, and play a game of ping-pong or pool.

Your ticket includes light bites and a drink ticket. See you there!
Location: Ruba Club, 416 Green Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Date: Thursday, December 8, 2016
Time: 6pm – 9pm
Photo credit Korey Aversa
See Visit Philly for more things to do in our wonderful city!

This event requires a ticket ($7.00)
Register and buy your ticket here:

Neither PANMA nor PhillyCHI nor PhillyPUG is responsible for the ingredients in the food or drinks served, and neither PANMA nor PhillyCHI nor PhillyPUG makes any statements or provides any warranties regarding food allergies, medical restrictions, religious or cultural preferences, or any other concern in connection with food or drinks served. By purchasing or otherwise receiving a ticket to attend, you agree to release PANMA, PhillyCHI, PhillyPUG and their representatives for any and all claims for loss, injury or damages arising from any occurrence or condition at the event.

Getting to Know Amanda Clark

For our inaugural interview, we sat down and talked with Amanda Clark who presented “You’re a Fraud, and We All Know It: Work,Leadership, and Imposter Syndrome” with Briana Morgan for PANMA in January 2016.

Amanda Clarke

Tell us about yourself

I work as a senior digital strategist (specializing in content strategy) for Agency M (, an advertising/interactive design/branding firm. I am the Sponsorship co-director for BarCamp Philly. I have a degree in advertising, and I have always worked in the tech media space. I’ve been in Philly since 2009. In the last 4 years, I’ve really stepped up my engagement and have become integrated into the tech community. Back in 2012, I went to a “Content Strategy for the Web” event led by David Dylan Thomas. From there, I joined the Philly Content Strategy meetup as a member. When David Dylan Thomas was planning an unconference for content strategy, he asked me to get involved and I helped plan Content Camp.

Can you describe content strategy?

First, there is a difference between content marketing and content strategy. Content marketing,where you write to provide relevant and useful content for your audience, is a subset of content strategy. Content strategy is about creating a plan for content across multiple channels (websites, social, email, even print), in partnership with writers, user experience strategists,designers and developers, that takes into account the content that exists and should be created. Content strategy can be planned for the short term and long term and it can and should be measured and revised frequently. More than just writing to an audience, content strategy is about being an advocate for the user. For example, My Medicare Matters ( was the result of taking a 300+ page Medicare site and doing a crash-course on Medicare. We figured out where the users were having trouble on the old site and set out to build a better Medicare site for all of our user groups.

How have you grown as a content strategist?

It is important to have humility and to get input from outside sources. I can’t claim personally to know everything about content strategy/digital strategy. I try to figure things out from the resources I have, and then am lucky to be part of a supportive and brilliant content strategy community, whose brains I can pick!

What do you suggest for PANMA’s content strategy community section?

First, I would give the content a home on the navigation and a shout out on the home page. Whether you publish 2x a week or 1x a month, you want it to be predictable. People tend to be on a rhythm. You want to build habits in people for consumption. I would make the layout clean and easy to read, using HTML subheads (h1,h2,h3) to break it up into defined sections.

How do you personally consume content?

We are reaching content saturation where the Internet is producing faster than people can read it. I have a system. While walking to the train, I will listen to podcasts. On the train, I will read Philly Mag. At night, I will read from a book like the one I’m engrossed in now, Amy Cuddy’s”Presence”.

How did you get involved with BarCamp Philly?

I joined the BarCamp Philly team in 2014, helping with sponsorships. I started with a list of people and very delicately, started building relationships and connecting with businesses. I have continued that process and also write copy for the website, email, and tweets and work with Briana Morgan on social media.

What are your goals for this year’s BarCamp Philly?

I love the community aspect, the engagement, and being surrounded by real creative and passionate people. I like the behind-the-scenes of organizing as much as the actual event itself. Every year we aim to put on a good event. New people come and some past participants return as speakers. This year, we are going to have a PA system to make announcements easier and hopefully a schedule that people can interact with better. BarCamp Philly 9 is Saturday, November 12th at Huntsman Hall at The Wharton School. You can get tickets here: Next year is the 10th anniversary of BarCamp Philly, and we hope to make that the best one yet.

Tell us about how your Impostor Syndrome talk with Briana Morgan has evolved?

Last year, there was a panel at Ela Conf about impostor syndrome that Briana was on. After a drink together talking about her panel, Briana and I decided to sign up for a talk at BarCampPhilly 8 in 2015. It was our first time presenting together. It went really well and we reprised it for PANMA. Then, we presented the talk at DjangoCon US 2016 this past July. Most recently, we sat down with Ryan Starr and talked with him about it on Episode 36 of his HiRes podcast.

How would you address the growing digital divide in Philly – to reach those who think or even believe that they can’t work in technology?

From a youth perspective, I would love to get kids together to build something like a website or an app. Teaching young people how to work in groups and how to focus on a task and learn a speciality is so valuable. Most importantly, I would encourage them to make mistakes and just get out there and try new things. When hiring junior developers or junior content strategists, we try to be open to people who are good thinkers, not just those who have the good experience.

What else are you learning?

I played the flute when I was in high school, and I recently joined a class in West Philly to practice and perform in a small flute ensemble. It’s quite exciting!

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Amanda!

PANMA Turns 20 Celebrating New Media!

PANMA Turns 20 Celebrating New Media!

Join us to ring in the 20th anniversary of PANMA by taking part in an amazing celebration
of who we are, why we are here and where we are going. During this event we will revisit all things tech in the last 20 years from 1996-2016. We’ll go from the inception of design and development to our tech connected world today. Who were the original “masters of the universe”, what were their tools, and who are the users that changed the way we live now,
and the way we will live in the future.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Where PANMA Started
  • What Changed & What’s The Same
  • Web Past & Present
  • Ai – The Evolution of Technology

How We’ll Celebrate

  • Share The “Hottest” Trends Since 1996
  • Name That Tech
  • Hello, I’m A Mac
  • Cosplay: Wear & Bring Your Best Digital Media Artifacts!
    • (Two great prizes for the audience favorites.)

Date: Thursday, November 17, 2016
Location: Univ. of PA Wharton School, Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut Street, Phila PA 19104
Room: 270
Time: Doors open at 5:30. Program & Workshop from 6pm – 7:30. Networking until 8pm
This event is FREE, thanks to our sponsors. But please register to help our planning:

How To Grow Your Business with Google Data Tools

How To Grow Your Business with Google Data Tools

Did you ever want to track something on your website and use that data to make strategic decisions? With Google Tools you can track almost anything! Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager have the ability to capture an incredible amount of insightful data when correctly optimized. In this overview workshop, we will discuss both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and how to utilize them to capture optimal website data to grow your business.

What You Will Learn

– Google Tag Manager and Why It’s Important
– How Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Work Together
– How To Set Up Google Analytics Through Google Tag Manager
– How To Track Clicks & Forms With Google Tag Manager
– 10 Key Techniques To Optimize Your Google Analytics

PANMA Speakers:


Josh Silverbauer at PANMAJoshua Silverbauer is the CEO of Grue & Bleen Agency. Josh is a certified Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google AdWords Specialist, and has worked with companies of all shapes and sizes to help them understand how to track their data more effectively. He is passionate about using data to assist with strategic marketing and also bridging the gap between creatives, analysts, and developers. In his spare time, he writes rock operas, tap dances, and loves playing strategic board games.

Head Analyst - Delphic DigitalAndrew Richardson is the Director of Analytics at Delphic Digital. Andrew loves taking data and turning it into information that tells a story, creating relevant insights and business recommendations to increase ROI. His career has spanned across the education, digital marketing, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries. He also loves the musical Hamilton.



Date: Thursday, October 27, 2016
Location: Univ. of PA Wharton School, Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut Street, Phila PA 19104
Room: 260
Time: Doors open at 5:30. Program & Workshop from 6pm – 7:30. Networking until 8pm
This event is FREE, thanks to our sponsors. But please register to help our planning:

Design Disruptors Movie Screening

Join PANMA and Philly UI UX for a screening of Design Disruptors, a movie by Invision. Sponsored by Dell Boomi. About the film: The future of business is being written by companies and products that—intentionally or not— shake billion dollar industries. In DESIGN DISRUPTORS, enter the world of 15+ industry-toppling companies—valued at more than $1 trillion dollars combined—with one unifying secret advantage: the transformative power of design. DESIGN DISRUPTORS reveals a never-before- seen perspective on the design approaches of these companies and how they are overtaking billion dollar industries through design. Take a peak into InVision before our exclusive event

Who Should Attend
– Artists & Designers
– Developers & Programmers
– Content Strategists & Marketers
– Entrepreneurs & Innovators
– and Everything In Between

Register For This Event Only At:

Date: Thursday, September 22, 2016
Location: Univ. of PA Wharton School, Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut Street, Phila PA 19104
Room: 260
Time: Doors open at 5:30. Screening from 6pm – 7:15. Q & A to follow until 8pm.

PANMA Joins Philly Startup Leaders Summer BBQ 2016!

Come enjoy delicious food & drinks while meeting new and old friends in the incredible tech and entrepreneur community in Philadelphia! All are welcome as this event will give you the chance to find out more about what is going on in our community. Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, a startup/tech employee, or just want to know more, you will definitely meet many tech-focused community organizations. We hope you’ll join us on so be sure to sign up here
Remember to stop by the PANMA table to chat with us!

Hiring for culture – But What Culture Are We Hiring For?

There is a lot of talk in tech and digital about “hiring for culture”. But what is the culture we are hiring for? Does this culture promote inclusion or does it prevent inclusion? Are we hiring for the culture that fits our personality or a culture that is actually good for our business and includes many different types of people? Every company, founder or manager wants to think that the culture they are hiring for promotes diversity and inclusion, but does it really? Join us as we explore the issue of the current tech/digital culture and how it can impact diversity and inclusion from many different perspectives.

You’ll hear from:

Victor Yocco – Addressing the promotion of alcohol as culture
Victor is a UX Research Director at a local design and development firm. He has been sober for over two years. He frequently writes and speaks on addressing tech’s culture promoting alcohol use. Victor will discuss ways to make our culture more inclusive for those choosing to abstain from alcohol for any reason.

Gloria Bell
Gloria Bell is the co-founder of the Women in Tech Summit and an advisory board member of TechGirlz and wears a few other hats, as well. She is a fierce advocate for women in the workplace, especially women in tech. Gloria wants to prompt a discussion on how the current trends in tech and digital culture can both promote and discourage women from joining the industry.

Michael Carvin
Michael is a user experience research, strategy and design professional with 20 years of agency- and client-side service. He became an advocate for the aging workforce after having seen how culture and policy on “both sides of the fence” affects that workforce. Michael will discuss the trends he sees as reinforcing disconnects between generations in tech.

Tim Allen
Tim is the IT Director of Advanced Initiatives for Wharton Research Data Services. Tim began programming at the age of 6, on Apple II+ and Commodore Pets, before venturing on to many OS’s, DBs, and languages which led to his current favorite language / web framework pair, Python and Django. Tim is passionate about the Philadelphia technology community and culture, having served as Vice President of PANMA, an organizer of PhillyPUG, a chair of BarCamp Philly, and is now an organizer helping bring DjangoCon US to Philadelphia this summer. Tim loves ice hockey, cycling, hacking, playing guitar, and lives clean and sober in South Philly with his wife and cats.

Jumoke Dada
Jumoke Dada is an innovative technologist and strategist with a passion for educating women and building communities. As a consultant, she provides tech project management and development services. As a Signature RED strategist, she provides “Legally AMBITIOUS” tools and resources to tech-savvy women interested in pivoting or reinventing their career. During the summer, she gives back to the community by providing mentorship and care packages to college-bound girls through Project ALOE.

Get your ticket now! Register:

Date: Thursday, July 28, 2016
Location: Univ. of PA Wharton School, Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut Street, Phila PA 19104
Room: 255
Time: Doors open at 5:30. Program from 6pm – 7:30. Networking until 8pm.