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What is content strategy and why do we care?

  Is content still King/Queen? Are you looking to get a fast track introduction into the world of content strategy? Join us as PANMA teams up with STC to host a discussion on the significance of content strategy within the new digital landscape. "What is content...

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Past Events

Meet the New Board Members of PANMA

  PANMA (and PANMA Panda) wishes you a happy new year and hopes that you enjoyed your holiday season. Welcome back! We are kicking off our new season on Thursday, January 31st with a new event: “Meet and Greet.” During this event, you will have an opportunity to...

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PANMA-PhillyCHI Holiday Party!

Join us for a special holiday party with our friends at Philly CHI, Research Rewind, and Code for Philly! To wrap up another successful year, we are joining forces with other Philly creative groups for one big holiday celebration and we invite you to join us for a...

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Altering Reality for Fun and Profit

Our reality is constantly being redefined by new media and digital technology. What is now possible in this space is quickly changing how we work, where we work, and how we live. It is not surprising that all of this also changes the way in which large and small...

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Help put food on the table (usually pizza!) and awesomeness on the agenda.


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